Feeling Peachy

10:37 PM
Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever blog.  I am new to this so you may have to bare with me as I learn the ropes of the techno world.  Hand me some scissors, glue, and paper and I can do just about anything with it.

This is a flower I created in the last few days as I toyed around with some papers I have had forever.  This is a rose made out of some Creative Memories papers I bought awhile back.  The next one is a combo I call it my Rosadil since I used some daffodil leaves on it as well.  The pink looks awesome and I sprayed all the flowers with some glimmer mist I made too.  Sad to say it might be a little hard to see the glimmer on them.  I happened to be picking up a prescription for my daughter who has been sick for almost an entire week and as I was waiting I browsed around and stumbled on these different votive candle decorations.  I guess what people do is wrap the vines around the candles, but of course as a scrapper our minds never cease to be thinking "OMG that would make a cute embellishment" haha.  My kids absolutely hate it, actually my daughter took the "S" off of scrapbooking and came up with  "crapbooking" instead, nice huh.  She is 16 so what does she really know right oh that's right at that age they know EVERYTHING!!!

Different Angle


Ladybugz Creations said...

Beautiful.. I found you on facebook now following.. they are very nice flowers I want to learn how to make these..


tz said...

Wow lady look at your awesome blog.
Thank you for all your wonderful and awesome flowers.

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