Go Green

My "Go Green" rose.  I used the 5 petal blossom to make this and my trusty old CRICUT of course.  Basically you need 5 flowers - six if your feeling crafty.  I used different sizes with this one.  I did a 3.5, 3 (2), 2.5, 2 and 1.5.

 Cut the blossom in the middle so you can form 4 petals so it looks like the next pic

Curl the edges - I use the end of a paintbrush
 After you form and curl all the flowers you will start layering them
 Cut the end off the flower
 Take one of the blossoms and cut the center out
 Once you do that take your tweezers to hold it and curl it around the form the center of the rose

You can add an extra little piece like this and add it to what you just created and presto you have your rose


sleeplesswonder said...

Beautiful TFS.
Melissa D

tz said...

Thank you so much for the how 2. Very pretty flower. Have a great weekend, I hope hubby is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Wow! can't wait to try this this week! thank you!

Janis said...

This is beautiful! :) Janis

Creating a Crafty Life said...

Thanks for sharing, the flower is beautiful!

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