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I found these instructions from the Beary Scrap.... awesome


How to Make a Shirt for your Tear Bear

Here is a quick and easy way to make a shirt for your tear bear.

1.  Trace your tear bear pattern on the back side of your cardstock or patterned paper.  The dotted lines represent where to cut out.

2.  Cut the pieces out approximately 1/8" from your tracing to accommodate "fluff" on your teddy..

3.  Cut the top part of the arm piece to create short sleeves, or just the lower portion to create long sleeves.  Trim the bottom part of the belly to make the shirt.  You can add a curve to show off your bear's "belly".

4.  Grab your "birthday suit" bear... head detached.

5.  Dress your headless bear by laying the clothes on top of him/her.

6.  Once you get your bear dressed, glue it all down.  For this I usually use Fabri-Tac.  Then attach the head.

Attach your critter to a scrapbook page or a card... or just sit back and admire your beary cute teddy.

You can ink, chalk, add embellishments, frill, ribbon, or whatever tickles your fancy to your outfits.  You should do this before you attach the clothing to the bear.


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LinnsScrapShack said...

I am going to have to learn how to make these little cuties.... I just love them.

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