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I'm honored!

I am honored to have received my first award, the Liebster blog award.  Thank you Amanda over at Scrap n Dash.  It  feels so great to be recognized and I can't wait to pass on the honor to other bloggers that deserve to be recognized!  I am so glad that you liked my blog enough to bestow the award!

The liebster blog award is given to newer blogs to help get them recognized.  As Amanda said it is a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise get noticed.

As a recipient of the Liebster blog Award you must share the link love and pay it forward.

1.) Post in your blog and tell about the award and what it means.

2.) Pick 3-5 other bloggers to bestow the award upon and let them know that they received the award.

3.) Copy and post the award on your sidebar for all to see

4.) continue to be inspired and have fun!

My five blog award winners are:

1.  Scrap and Dash - Amanda
2. I am in Love with a Bug - Stacy
3. TBD
4. TBD
5. TBD

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Mommy2my3girls said...

Congrats on your first award!!!!

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