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What we once called shabby chic or vintage scrapping, we now call distressed.
 Distressing scrapbook pages can take the simple form of inking the edges of papers to the more involved process of altering the page with a variety of paints. Either way, distressing is a popular trend and no matter what we call it, distressing is here to stay.
 Here are a few techniques to distress pages.
 Crinkling: This is the easiest way to create texture and age to your papers. To crinkle, take your papers and gently squeeze them together in a random way. Once you've wadded them up into a ball, carefully unwrinkle them and lay them out flat. Smooth crinkled papers out ,but not too much, as you want to see all the hills and valleys you've created.

 Sanding: Sanding papers is exactly what it sounds like. Rub sand paper over sections to create a distressed and aged look. For a delicate distressed look, use fine or medium grit sandpaper and coarser sandpaper for a more weathered look.
 Curling: An effective way to age papers is to curl the edges. To achieve this look, gently tear the edges of the papers in a random way. Then roll or curl the ripped edges by flattening and bending them as you roll. Once you've rolled some of the edges, leave them that way or uncurl some to give the papers a more varied look.
 Inking: Any type of inkpad will do when you are distressing papers. To ink papers, simply hold your inkpad in one had and run it over the top and edges in a random fashion.
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The Scrappy Cottage said...

This is such a precious layout.....

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Just wanted to let you know I awarded you the Stylish Blogger award! Just head over to my blog and grab the award. Congrats friend!

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