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12:49 AM
Welcome back everyone its time for another TT (Tutorial Tuesday). This week I am am showing a simple yet elgant flower that you can make.  This is using the 5 petal blossom punch.

 This is the flower w/a double center
 this is the 5 petal blossom punch shape

 cut small slits at all the corners
 spray with water to help mold the paper be careful not to spray too much it will tear the paper
 take your paint brush and curl the edges
 this is what it will look like
 now cup the center so the flower starts curling upward
 now take your next punch shape and cut a slit up to the middle so you can fold it over and form 3 petal and repeats the above steps - then you layer the flowers together to get the finished flower
this is with only 2 punch shapes the top flowers is with 3 and this one has a different center which shows you that you can add anything to your flower...

Hope you enjoyed it - leave a comment and add your link and be sure to subscribe for more tutorials...


Samantha J Designs said...

This is so pretty! Tfs the tutorial-Sam :-)

SamanthaJDesigns @

scrappingmamma said...

Lovely.. Thank-You for sharing:-)

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