Not your Typical Scrapbook Paper

11:13 PM
Hi everyone today I am going to share a project with you that requires you to step outside the norm.  Instead of using your typical papers you buy from craft stores.  We are going to create our own.  

Basic Supplies Needed:
Gesso -  (white)
Gel Medium - (matte or gloss does not matter)
Paper Towels
Cardboard or Chipboard

Other Recommended Supplies: (for decorating)
Ink Pads, Pens, Paint 

 I used a wall plaque for my base and applied the paper towels to it.
 Step 1: Rip the paper towel into pieces the funkier the better
 Step 2: Apply the gesso to whatever backing you are using
 This is what your finished paper towel background will look like

Step 4: Ink, decorate, stamp and use whatever you want to dress up your paper towel paper

 I added some collage photos from Alpha Stamps, added some ink and stamped images from Glitz Design to top things off.


Daisy Collins said...

Awesome project!

Terri Sproul said...

Fun project and thanks for your submission to be on the Arnold Grummer DT..

Trish and Treasure said...

Great technique!

Anonymous said...

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