Thursday with CI Paints!

Happy Thursday everyone and today I am going to share an altered house using Heartfelt Creations patterned paper and a flower tutorial.  I am also going to start something new called Friday's Flower.  Each Friday I will share a flower here and create a YT video for those visual learners so be sure to check back if your a flower love like me! I have fallen in love with Heartfelt papers they are so nice and thick and the colors are truly amazing I promise you will be so happy with them and Creative Inspiration paints go beautifully with the soft elegant colors of these papers a true match made in Crafter's Heaven!

 Look at how perfect these paints matched the papers.  I used 3 different colors and sort of mixed and blended them.

 Time for the quick tutorial.   I punched some flowers using Retro Flower punch the medium sized.

 Step 1: Snip between each petal - then ink and color as desired

 Step 2: Curl one side of the petal only - I used a toothpick

 This is how it should end up looking

 Step 3: Cup all the flowers using your embossing tool or even a pen

Step 4: Glue each flower on top of each other but alternate each one This is what you will end up with.  Once it is glued you can cup and mold the flower...

I hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out my blog for  my new thing - Friday's Flower


Crea S said...

Wow that's a beautifull project. And those flowers are amazing!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Stunning work! Love the colors!!

Jasmine said...

Beautiful project - amazing flowers! Just stunning!

Heather K. said...

I am such a failure at flowers that I really can't wait to see your Friday Flowers! I am already thoroughly in love with the ones you made on this post! They look unlike anything else I have seen and are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!! xoxoxo Heather K.

LisaM said...

Gorgeous project and love the tutorial! looking forward to working with you at Just Imagine!

Creative M said...

WOW!!!Stunning and BEAUTIFUL!!
I am going to practice on my flowers!Thanks for the inspiration!!
Have a FABULOUS day,

Candy said...

Beautiful project and great use of Heartfelt Creations paper!

Brans said...

I love love love it! TY Monica!

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