May Arts DT Call

Hi everyone Monica here and I am sharing some projects for the May Arts Design Team call.  I hope everyone enjoys them. he first project is one that shows a different use for ric rac ribbon in an 1' this is easier to work with but you can use the smaller widths.  I created a tutorial that show two different types of flowers using one ribbon.

Supplies Needed:
Needle & Thread
Embellie (Center)

 Step 1: You want to line up the loops so that it is even and then either sew or burn the edges together
 Basically you will end up with it looking like the image below
and you will have a complete closed circle of ribbon
 Step 2: Now you are going to sew or weave the thread - Notice where I am point the needle on the left side of the first weave - this important as you will repeat these steps
 See where I am sticking the needle for the second entry - now you will repeat these step on each downward facing loop.  The ric rac ribbon basically loops up and then down - you want to sew on each side of the downward loop 
 Complete this all the way around and it ends up looking like the image below - notice how it is stitched or where the entry points are located
Step 3: Now you will pull the string - it starts gathering and forming loops as you pull
Once totally done  it will look like this - you want to arrange and position the loops 
  This is a look from the bottom - turn it over and you get a totally different look
 Add a center and this is your complete flower
Turn it over and this is the other side flower - simple right!!
The pink is a little easier to see the bottom side of the flower
May Arts also carries an amazing VELVET ribbon that can be used as well.

My 2nd project I made some minis and using Solid Wrinkle ribbon as added embellishment.  This is a crinkle that is available in different widths - great for minis, cards and more. 

This wood album is the gatefold one.  Super easy to paint and decorate love the wood.

I tied it to the binder rings
Same ribbon different mini

For my 3rd project:

Now this is one of my absolute favorite.  I used a star template from Kreaxions and found a complete unique way to make a bow for presents, cards you name it.  It is very easy to make I did a tutorial.  This is May Arts Faux Canvas it has a unique feel to it much like canvas and was perfect for this project.  I have tried it with a variety of May Arts ribbon and they all give you a different look.  It is better to use a thicker ribbon for this bow - even though you can use all of them some will not be as stiff or sturdy I should say.

Step 1: Trace you the star template onto a thicker cardstock - for durability
Step 2: Cut a circle through the center by lining up the circle cutter make the circle 1.5 inches as shown below by using positioning the pencil tip in the hole on the star template
This is what it will look like and also number the template as shown this is the pattern you will follow for weaving the ribbon
 You will weave under then through positioning the ribbon on the number 8
 looks like this 
 Step 3: start winding the ribbon around the pointed tip following the numbers 1-8

 When completely done it will look like this - you will repeat these steps 4 times

 Turn it over and what else do you see! A flower you can use this by just placing a center and get another flower - you will leave the ribbon wrapped on the cardstock to keep its shape - Beautiful huh?!! 
 Step 4: Either staple or use stick pins through the center - this is what keeps the ribbon from unwinding - I would staple but could not find my heave duty stapler so I substituted the stick pins
 Step 5: Start popping the ribbon off the corners
 Ends up like this
 Step 6: Now start pulling the ribbon layers apart
Look at an angle

Top View

I hope everyone enjoyed my projects and hopefully I will be back to show you how to make a household item from the kitchen out of all ribbon!



teachdanz said...

great tutorials and great projects!! good luck :-)

I'm a Little Teapot said...

Thank you so much for the tutorials!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Congrats on making it through the first round! Your projects are lovely and your tutorials are great! Best of luck in the finals!

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