Happy Monday - only a few more days until Trick or Treat!! and believe it or not I dress up and go with my nieces I am so short you can't tell I am an oldie... They love it and we have an absolute ball.  So for my post today I made a shadow box and used my Kreaxion 304 for my top border of the shadow box and Kreaxion 306 to make the bats in the background.

Here is an angled view of the shadow box which is from Gina;s Designs
closer look at the bats I made from left over pieces from the punch 
 Here I wanted to show where I adhered the border piece

I then added The Paper Nest Doll - Witch Avery  

I hope everyone enjoyed my post for this Monday and thanks for stopping by everyone....

Simply Monica


I'm a Little Teapot said...

Very cool box! It is creepy yet fun. :)

Have fun trick or treating!!

Maria Garzon said...

So adorable! That haunted house quite creepy enough and the little girls so cute

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