Cookie Holder

4:00 PM
Challenge : Anything But A Card and YES I know looks like a card  but aha ha it is not.  Since I watch my niece and nephew I have to find innovative ways to entertain them and we love to bake.  So I made this card and you see the 2 round doily looking things well actually they are cookies (not real) but in reality this is a gift card/cookie holder.  She made some cookies and I made it to where she can slide them into the slots.
Dont ask me why, but she insisted this be a cookie holder so this was my braniac idea - what do you guys think bwaha?!!
I used Althea by Tracey Malfonski


Tracy said...

I think it's adorable! And, I would be happy to receive a cute creation like this, with cookies in it!

Vicki robertson said...

Lovely, Monica! The coloring is beautiful!

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