Chameleon - Thinking About You

10:09 AM
Hi crafters! I want to share a card I made using Chameleon Pens and CutCardStock  I wanted to make a card for a friend who is down in the dumps so for some reason I thought this image was great.  She is smelling the flowers as a reminder to stop and smell the roses.  Even though times seem hard don't forget to be grateful for what you do have because believe me it can be so much worse!

Chameleons: RD4, BK4, YO3, YL2, YG3, NU1, NU3and BR5. 
For her hair I used BR5 without any infusing I just colored straight from the pen itself,  For her skin I used NU1 with an infuse time of 9 sec and then I took NU3 and outlined the areas I wanted to have more shadows without any infusing.  For her neck area I used NU3 and infused for 6 secs to give it more shadow.

Her dress I used BK4 and infused for 10 secs and I must say I hate coloring with black pens because you really have to know what your doing but it is so easy to color with a Chameleon Pen in black because it infuses for your and you don't have to figure out how to make something look black (if I am making sense lol) you simply infuse and you get a perfect blend I simply love love it!  Make smy life so much more easier!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great holiday!

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