Illuminated Vertigo Lightbox

Hi crafters!  Today I am sharing my 2nd round project for Imagine Crafts Design Team Call.  I have chosen to make a votive night light which will be a Christmas gift for my friends.  This is a project that is fairly easy to make it just takes a little patience and time.
Supplies Needed

Imagine Crafts: Vertigo "Pebbles", Fabrico Markers "Pea Pod", "Poppy Red" All Purpose Ink "White"; Other: Photo Cube; Paper: The Paper Loft "Embossed Metallic Silver Linen Weave"; Tools: Westcott "Self Healing Mat", "Ruler", "Scissors"

Step 1: 
Find the image you will be using as the screen for each opening.  I chose a rose.  I then ran the Vertigo through my printer and it printed beautifully.  You need to allow the ink to dry on the Vertigo before you color so there is no smearing. You want to turn the image over and color on the backside.  This allows the ink to have a really deep coloring and prevents smearing as well.

Step 2:
You will cut each panel 3x3 and the Vertigo allows the light to shine through and illuminate the colored image so beautifully.  It is hard to truly capture the effect with all the additional lighting.

Step 4:
Paint the wood with your All Purpose Ink in chosen color.  I used white to match the Vertigo and really make the light box sort of look brighter if that makes sense lol. 

Step 5:
Run the paper through your embossing machine and then take each sheet and lay it over each panel this aids in determining the size needed for each panel and how I measured how large the center cut would be.

Once complete piece everything together - add a votive light as shown and you have a perfect night light.  As I said the shimmery of the Vertigo illuminates.

 Put your light source down inside.  I think I am going to get an LED light to truly make it illuminate!

 See how the Vertigo really shines and the Fabric pens really color well on the sheets!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my 2nd Round project and hopefully will be making a Illuminated Vertigo Lightbox!


Alexia Misso said...

It's gorgeous! Lucky friend to receive this! :)

Debbie Gaetz said...

that's a fabulous project for any time of the year!

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