Upcycled Stemware

5:29 PM

Glazed Luau Goblets

by Monica Edwards

Three photos of palm tree designed wine glasses decorated by Monica Edwards using four colors of StazOn Studio Glaze.
I love going to the thrift stores and picking up anything that looks like it can be upcycled. Today I found some plain wine glasses that I’ve turned into some fun festive luau glasses for a friend party.
Skill: Beginner
Time: Depends on intricacy of design


Step 1
Wash your wine glasses well and be sure they are completely dry before you begin glazing them.
Step 2
I decided to glaze a funky eclectic bottom for my funky eclectic friends! I glazed a star pattern in Jet Black and then added some drops of Gold just to add some extra flair.
Step 3
Since the theme for the party was Luau I decided to glaze some palm trees around the main glass. I first use Emerald City to create the grass and palm leaves. I also added some streaks of Jet Black in the leaves for some definition. What is so nice about the Studio Glaze is it has a point just like a pen tip. I finished the palm tries with some Spiced Chai trunks and coconuts.


  • Studio Glaze − Jet Black, Gold, Spiced Chai, Emerald City
  • Thrift store stemware

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