Glazed Chipboard

12:00 AM
Glaze your Chipboard

By Monica Edwards

I often get tired of spending so much money on decorations for the holidays.  So this year I decided to make my own using some decorative chipboard.  For this project I will be creating a ghoulish goblin frame.
Skill: Medium
Time: 30min to 1 hour

1.      Cover your chipboard piece with your Graphic 45 patterned paper using an X-acto knife to trim the edges.  Once done use your Studio Glaze to bring the chipboard pieces to life.  Here I am using Jet Black to color the spider web.

2.  To get a fun marbleized look spread the Jet Black and Orange Zest onto your craft and use a toothpick to swirl the colors around.  The idea is not to blend the colors together, but to create a marbleized look.  Once done take your chipboard piece and dip it into the mixture.  Careful to not apply to much pressure so you get some fun textures 

Here you can see how the thickness of the glaze creates a nice textured look.  Reminds me of melting hot wax.

3.  Repeat this step with all your chipboard pieces.  To make the pieces really pop off the frame I used a white paint pen to outline the pieces.

Once done you will have a perfect Halloween frame you can set on the table .

Studio Glaze: Jet Black, Orange Zest, Spiced Chai

Other Supplies Used
Graphic 45: patterned paper
X-acto Knife

Tombow Glue

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